The Most Perfect Toronto Wedding

As I mentioned in my intro post, I recently got married to the man of my dreams and we had the most perfect wedding here in our home town of Toronto, Canada. For any brides to be here in Toronto, I wanted to give you the low down on the amazing experience we had from top to bottom. Since I am really into fashion, I will make a new post over the next couple of days about my dress, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, accessories etc since I think I could write about that stuff for pages and pages. But for now I wanted to share a little bit about the event itself…

We had our ceremony and reception at one of the absolute best small wedding venues in Toronto, Arta Gallery. We had a small wedding so it was absolutely perfect. There was some time in between the wedding and reception and our guests really loved being able to explore the Distillery District in between. There are plenty of great places for them to grab a drink at, and then they returned for a wonderful meal. The entire staff at Arta was amazing and I cannot thank everyone enough for the amazing service and venue.

After the wedding and our toasts were complete it was now time to PARTY! We were debating on possibly having a live band, but I am glad we decided to go with a DJ. We did a lot of searching online and found prices to be pretty up and down, but ended up finding what I think is the absolute best Toronto wedding DJ from MacMillan Entertainment Group. They’re out of Mississauga but came to the Distillery District and did a wonderful job. What I really liked about them was their online song request service where our guests could actually request songs PRIOR to the reception. They loved it and it made the whole night that much more fun.

One last aspect of our night that we didn’t want to overlook was the midnight snack! We had a lot of fun with this and hired a poutine bar from one of my favorite places in Toronto, Smokes Poutinery! It was a bit moreĀ  expensive than I wanted to spend on a midnight snack, but our guests all loved it and it was definitely worth it.

Anyways that is the gist of our awesome day. I’ll likely be posting more about everything (including a look at Photos) and our amazing experience with the photographer we hired.

Blog Is Live!

Well hello everyone! I finally figured out this whole WordPress thing and my new blog is live. Just to give you a taste of what you’ll see here let me first tell you a bit about myself. My name is Macy and I am (obviously) from Toronto, Ontario. I have a huge passion for all things fashion and love to go out and have fun in this wonderful city.

Just last month I married the love of my life (Hi Keith!) and I couldn’t be happier. Be on the lookout for a lot of random posts from me over the next few weeks as I expect to have lots of free time to be able to update this blog. I’m still a bit in the afterglow from our amazing wedding, so if I give you an overload of wedding posts to start I do apologize. Now let’s get started with the fun!