More Wedding Fun – Shopping For Shoes, Dresses & More Online With a Budget… Oh My!

Anyone who knows me and who put up with me through the whole wedding planning stage, knows that I have a hard time making decisions. Not a good trait to have when planning your wedding! When it came to picking out my dress, shoes and jewelry I had a heck of a time. It didn’t help that I was on a limited budget too and really needed to find a cheap dress and cheap shoes that I still loved. The latter was actually pretty easy, as there are lots of good sources online for cheap shoes, but finding a cheap wedding dress was not the easiest of tasks.

I just could not find a dress that I loved for a price I could afford. So instead of buying, I decided to look into renting a dress. And let me tell you, it was one of the smarted things I think I’ve ever done. I looked online for dress rental places in Toronto and ended up not even going local… I scoured social media and found something I loved from Rent The Runway. Unfortunately I could not find the exact dress I wanted but they had a couple of alternate bridal dresses that looked to fit the bill. After having a couple sent to me, I tried them both on and ended up choosing the one for me (pics to come soon as soon as I can figure out how to upload them!). I would totally recommend going this route for a wedding dress or any kind of special occasion dress. The dress I rented retailed for over $4,000 but cost me pennies compared to that to rent for a day.

My experience finding the perfect pair of affordable shoes to wear was equally difficult. There was just so many choices out there online and not being able to handle and see the shoes in person kind of made it difficult. Once again I set out to social media where I found an amazing looking pair of pumps from Justfab. I ended up actually buying two pairs of wedges from them that I felt I could wear at the wedding and even afterwords. The wedges went great with my dress, they were cheap and I can still wear them to this day. So it was a Win WIN!

Now for my jewelry, this was a bit easier. My hubby to be bought me a gorgeous necklace a few months prior for my birthday, so I ended up wearing that. Again, I will post some pictures as soon as I can for you!